Teensy Lucky Leprechaun

Miniature Lucky Leprechaun stands approx. 1-1/2″ tall, made with a wire armature thread-wrapped body using sock weight yarn and embroidery floss for hair and beard.
Original Design and FREE TUTORIAL by Deanne Crim – Crafty Crusader

Its about that time of year…the time when rivers and clothing and even beer is turned green with an honorable nod to Saint Patrick’s Day.

For me, it brings to mind Rainbows…giant pots of GOLD…and of course, what self-respecting pot o’ gold would be caught celebrating without a cheeky little Lucky Leprechaun?!!

It seems the perfect opportunity to share a fun project from my old blog (Sugarplum Village)…and I have created an easy peasy mac and cheesy PHOTO TUTORIAL for you ‘visual’ crafters who only need a peek at the process before you are off and running to create your own army of Lucky Leprechauns!

The process overall, involves forming an armature (wire base structure) for thread or yarn to be wrapped and delicately glued in place, to create the body, clothing, and embellishments.

You might notice that this whimsical fella is carrying his own little Lucky Clover…because…well, that is what he is supposed to carry, isn’t he? The clover is shaped using 24 gauge wire twisted into loops and a stem; then dipped in bright green nail polish; allowed to dry; then the stem is wrapped with green thread or yarn for your Leprechaun to carry. The wire makes it easy to place or you can permanently attach it with either of my favorite adhesives, E6000® or Gorilla Glue Clear Grip®.

Lucky Leprechaun Original Design by Deanne Crim – Crafty Crusader Copyright 2016 D.H.Crim

You can find a detailed step by step tutorial with photos and instructions by clicking this link: Lucky Leprechaun Full Tutorial

Let me know if you give my little fella a place in your home.I would love to see your photos and hear your comments below!!

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Wishing you a MAGICAL…RAINBOW-filled Season as you search for your Pot o’ Gold!!!

With Crafty Ideas and Inspiration to Share… Deanne Crim – Crafty Crusader

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